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An online gathering
healing the maiden, the mother,
and the mean girl

Wed Oct 18, 2023 on Zoom | 5:30 - 7p PST

facilitated by Karen Prosen + songs by Te Martin

This is for queens (aka anyone)
in a moment of returning to themselves and in need of ceremony and community to be their creative, magical selves.

You know the mean girl

She may be in your community.
In your memories back from school.
She might even be you!
(or a wounded part of you that needs love,
care and rite of passage)


She may be territorial. Competitive. She may hook up with a friend’s boyfriend on their birthday
(It’s me, hi. I’m the problem… I did that in 9th grade).


She may have had moments in her life where she’s felt unmothered. Orphaned from a homeland
she’s never stepped foot on.


You're invited to unmask, forgive,
and re-crown her


In my campiest offering yet,
I'll be quoting some of the greats
(yes, Taylor Swift and Jesus Christ),
my own poetry, and what we know from modern psychology and mystical saints about healing and forgiveness through creativity, prayer, and community.

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Come for community.
Come to hear and be heard.

Come home to be crowned.

I'll incorporate:

✸ A ministering moment of why
this topic is important to me
and the collective journey
from maiden to mother

✸ Time and prompts to reflect on
mean girl moments in your life
(like the time I got punched in the stomach by my friend/bully
in 9th grade or the time I took actual time to dress up and
mock another girl's myspace pics)

✸ Somatic tools to move out of the
drama triangle and into the
'tiara of totally home' which I made up
to make you either laugh or cringe

✸ Musings on moving from competition and comparison to mutual aid and celebration in community

✸ A meditation to pass the crown from
maiden to mother on yourself and those who
may have hurt you

✸ Emergent healing moments
guided by the mystery and the group's

✸ Breakout rooms to go deeper

✸ Poetry and song

You may benefit from this if...

✸ You know exactly what I mean when I say 'mean girl'

✸ You hold yourself back creatively in fear of what others will say about you

✸ You are in a shift from maiden to mother in all or part of yourself

✸ You have some experiences of hurt you'd like to address without tearing off another's crown

✸ You have a history or present reality of being
bullied or exiled in community

✸ You are any gender and you're cool with me
using the words and phrases mean girl, queen,
maiden and mother to discuss archetypes
we can learn from

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Select a tier that works for you to be able to attend
this online gathering in a good way


Queening in a more limited way, and still a queen!

Queening in a selective way

Queening with more to spare

I am wanting to be at this gathering and I know and trust that others will act in integrity in order to offset my offering as an act of seeking equity

I'm meeting my needs and while I still have to be very selective about where I send my funds this feels in alignment!

I have excess funds that I can graciously share in exchange for what this gathering offers me, and I'll do so to balance our others who cannot as an act of seeking equity

No one turned away for lack of funds. Please reach out if you're having a moment with your finances. 

About your guide

I am a Florida-born artist and licensed therapist living on unceded Southern Pomo and Miwok territory (Sonoma County, California) in a community with friends, my partner and our two cats (one is an angel and one is a mean girl and we love them both equally).

My devotion is to fight the fires of forgetting through forms of prayer that delight the heart and quench the soul’s thirst for love... while trying not to leave the water boiling.

I have over 10 years of experience working with folks both clinically and in the realms of emergent ritual and creative devotion. Thank you for being here.



Songs led by
Te Martin

Te Martin is a song-keeper and ritual artist. They were born on Ramaytush Ohlone land in san francisco and have been shaped by Ocean, Redwoods, circus arts, and theater games. They facilitate oral tradition singing classes and workshops that focus on song as a tool for collective liberation, somatic regulation, and ancestral connection.

Te served as co-organizer of Thrive Street Choir in the san francisco bay area for six years, is a student of Gaelic song, and released their first professional music video and EP of original songs, "Water & Bones", in 2021.

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