Cervical Wellness 

The body of work by
Denell Nawrocki, MA


Film and Edit by Karen Prosen

Temple of Shakti

An intimate 6-month mentorship program in living tantra


Film by Karen Prosen and Kisa Hues

Edit by Karen Prosen


Artifacts to Support your Introspective Journey with Alia Santini


Film, edit and photo by Karen Prosen

Womb Church

A 6-month leadership journey for blooming feminine leaders


Film by Karen Prosen and Ian Shine

Edit by Karen Prosen

Vessel of Voice 

A harvest retreat of earth and song with Karen Prosen and Mackenzie Madrone


Film and edit by Karen Prosen

W A V E S : Women as Vessels

An online healing container for healing women


Film by Corby Hines | Campfire Films

Edit by Karen Prosen

A Healing Fundraiser

Set to The Lord's Prayer Translation

Film + Edit by Karen Prosen