C E R V I C A L   W E L L N E S S 

Introducing the body of work by
Denell Narwocki, MA


Film and Edit by Karen Prosen

T E M P L E  O F  S H A K T I 

An intimate 6-month mentorship program in living tantra


Film by Karen Prosen and Kisa Hues

Edit by Karen Prosen

S O U L S C R I B E 

Artifacts to Support your Introspective Journey with Alia Santini


Film, edit and photo by Karen Prosen

W O M B  C H U R C H

A 6-month leadership journey for blooming feminine leaders


Film by Karen Prosen and Ian Shine

Edit by Karen Prosen

V E S S E L  O F  V O I CE 

A harvest retreat of earth and song with Karen Prosen and Mackenzie Madrone


Film and edit by Karen Prosen

W A V E S : Women as Vessels

An online healing container for healing women


Film by Corby Hines | Campfire Films

Edit by Karen Prosen

A Healing Fundraiser

Set to The Lord's Prayer Translation

Film + Edit by Karen Prosen